To make access easier to the freezer compartment for both servicing the freezer plates and digging around for food, we wanted to hinge the fixed companionway step to swing up out of the way.  For maximum strength stainless removable-pin hinges were welded to two stainless plates.  One plate is screwed to the bulkhead, the other mounts on the step.  A bit of creative routering made a rebate for the movable plate.  A teak fascia covers the exposed plate.  A strong latch holds it closed, a gateleg swings out to hold it open. 

Note: All the stainless plates were purchased from my friends at Online Metals in Seattle.  This is a great site for online purchasing of small pieces of stainless, aluminum, copper, brass, and plastics cut to size.

The contents of this page are an example of a refitting job performed on a single vessel by its owner.  Just because I put it here for your interest and information does not guarantee it will work on your boat, or work at all. Fair winds & smooth sailing. -- Jeff Stander


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